The structure of the entire accounting system is the basis of information quality and accuracy, providing a significant competitive advantage in the market. Management makes use of the information from the accounting for the planning or calculation. To rely on a forward-looking accounting, offers small business space for active corporate control.

ongoing accounting

• Revenue expenditure account
• Double-entry bookkeeping
• Dunning
Account is the basis of many managerial decisions. Therefore revenue expenditure account but also double-entry bookkeeping must be generated promptly and meaningfully.
Additionally the data collected is used to build an effective reminder system.
Account balances and open item list offer the possibility to get a precise business overview on quarterly basis or once a month.

financial statements

• Annual financial statements
• Cost accounting
• controlling
Promptly financial statements are the instrument of information within the company. As a rule, the lender puts great importance to the financial statement.
Essential is the overall composition of the expenditure and the revenue or expense or income for planning. Operations management uses data from the accounting and cost accounting as controlling instrument.

ongoing information

Running summary information doesn’t needed to be handled in-house. I see my role in designing an information system individually for your company to provide the most important information for your management.  
• Continuous controlling
• External cost accounting
• Projected balance sheets and P & L plan to create