Maison NYCA

„Furthermore I wanted to thank Mrs. Melchert-Strohmaier for her support so far. I really like my business plan and her well calculated numbers took my fear of the unknown. In the beginning I felt insecure because I wasn’t used to calculating numbers that high, but her control, expertise and especially the easily comprehensible explanations made me feel secure. Thanks a lot! “

Nicole Lechner


„In a phase of change I participated in a workshop conducted by Mag. M Strohmaier. Her expertise and energy in regards to the topic convinced me to ask her to accompany and assist me in my changing business circumstances.

Mrs. Strohmaier from CMS consulting worked on site, in our firm. Together we determined the areas in which I had to make decisions and take measures in order to reach my growth target. It was difficult and challenging but under the motivating guidance of the consultant I felt constantly supported and strengthened for new challenges.

The next time there needs to be taken a step to change my business, I will turn to consultant Claudia M Strohmaier. “

CEO Sabine Forstner-Lindmeier

Malkasten Bildbearbeitungs GmbH

„Innovations are a prominent part of our business’ history and we intend to make them a prominent part of the future as well. Again 2016 we planned a big step in said future, our plan includes extensive measures as well as investments. While sorting out the sponsorship landscape in Vienna, we met Mag. Claudia M Strohmaier.

Our Goal: To optimize an application for a real asset sponsorship.Process: Mrs. Strohmaier informed us about the sponsoring offices’ expectations, the process of submissions and deciding factors in an extensive face-to-face initial meeting in our office.

Subsequently we efficiently worked together and Mag. M. Strohmaier accommodated us with exchanging information via e-mail and phone. After her final check of all the data, figures and facts we submitted the proposal with a secure feeling.

Outcome: The Jury confirmed our success expectations for the developed plan. The sponsorship was agreed to in its full extent. “

[malkasten] Bildbearbeitungsstudio Gesellschaft

Voooxel GmbH

„Mag. Claudia Melchert-Strohmaier competently saw us through the way to launching our own 3D printing platform.

Thanks to her long-standing experience she brought essential knowledge in the process of our application for an innovation sponsorship for our project. Together we managed to get 50% of our project costs covered through sponsorships. This way even part of our time at work is compensated through sponsorship money.

Currently our business is developing further and we are looking forward to working with cms consulting on future projects. “

CEO Matthias Kranister, voooxel webservices & trading GmbH

Tapezierer Brandner GmbH

„ Bringing to life an exciting new project like this in my field is a challenge. Apart from the risk if the market will accept the idea, it is also financially strenuous. In the light of these factors it felt good to have an experienced consultant at your side. Furthermore Mag. Melchert-Strohmaier encouraged me to write down and discuss my ideas. It was an exciting process to build my vision of my business’ future along the lines of a template. Subsequently she helped me turn the expected proceeds into installment plans for the next three years. She also noticed all the fine details of the process that I wouldn’t have noticed in my euphoria. Additionally, she advised me to apply for a local supplier sponsorship. I proposed the application and Mrs. Strohmaier optimized it even further. As soon as the jury meeting was over the application was accepted.

Now my business is facing the next challenge and I will count on cms consultings expert knowledge and supervision again. “

CEO Doris Brandner, Tapezierer Brandner GmbH

reactions after WorkShop "manage my own SME"

„The workshop was very interesting and the given information naturally continues to have an effect. “

CEO Maria del Pilar Fantova Pons

„Thanks for the valuable input at the seminar. “

CEO Mag. Christina Preiner, Vice verba

„Mrs. Strohmaiers two-day workshop was very productive and encouraged me to overthink some of the aspects of my business plan. “

CEO DI Marcel Nürnberg Inhaber | Computergrafik Spezialist | Softwareentwickler

Logo Yogawege

MMag.Christine Stiessel:

"Ich hätte meinen Businessplan auch allein machen können, aber sicherlich nicht so effizient und mit dem guten Gefühl, auf dem richtigen Weg zu sein, abgeschlossen. Danke an cms consulting, als Begleitung in dieser so wichtigen Phase zur Verfügung gestanden zu sein. Mag.Claudia Melchert-Strohmaier hat mir auch die Empfehlung gegeben, Beratungsförderung zu beantragen, was auch ohne großen zeitlichen Einsatz rasch zugesagt wurde. Nach erfolgreicher Implementierung meines Businessmodells in Österreich ist die Ausweitung des Angebots auf den angrenzenden Europäischen Raum zu planen, was ich sicher wieder mit cms consulting machen werde."

It92 IT Beratung und Vertrieb GmbH

IT92 Geschäftsführer Wolfgang Trenker

CEO Wolfgang Trenker:

„I’ve been successfully working in this Industry for decades, but founding a GmbH was a new challenge, that I took on confidently with the business guidance of Mrs. Mag. Melchert-Strohmaier. On the one hand there was the question which steps are to take and which Sponsorships are offered, and on the other hand the demands of corporate leadership in regards to the capital corporation. The Organization is bigger and more demanding than when working self-employed and the question of leadership need more competent solutions.

IT92 uses one of Mag. Melchert-Strohmaiers individually provided management information systems, that gives me all the important information about the business development at a glance.  That way I can make decisions on a business foundation, ongoing controlling offers tax information – a good feeling.

Anytime I would hire cms consulting and decide on business matters based on information provided by Mrs. Mag. Claudia Melchert Strohmaier.”

Kontact: Rochusgasse 11/5, 1030 Wien bzw. Obere Berggasse 28, 7323 Ritzing

Enzovelo e.U.

Bild Enzovelo

CEO Ing.Heinz Wipplinger:

„I met Mag. Claudia Melchert-Strohmaier in the founding phase of my specialized bike shop. In a sponsored consultation I had the opportunity to draft out my business plan. I knew from the start that this was a matter of my future as an entrepreneur and that professional know-how was needed.

Mag. Melchert-Strohmaier also advised me on an important consultation with my bank, in which I presented documents that I had previously drawn up with Mag. Strohmaier.

As a WKO accredited Basel-II consultant she knew exactly what papers to prepare.

At the end of my first trading year we – cms consulting and I - will co- create a payment plan respectively a cash budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

Even though this costs consulting fees now, the secure feeling strengthens my entrepreneurial belief in the possibilities and it will lead my business in a successful future. “

Kontact: 1090 Wien, Heiligenstädter Lände,


PR Audit

Sören Bauer:

„As an expert in company communication the task was to build my own company. Mag. Melchert-Strohmaier stood by me throughout this challenge. Because of my frequent duties abroad I had little time to spend on creating a written version of my business concept. Her professional conduct enabled me to develop a plan in the small pockets of time I had. Through e-mail contact and constant exchange with Mag. Strohmaier we developed a business plan that can still be improved but already be used for orientation.

It is already, still in the first business year, understood that we will plan the upcoming business years’ figures based on the gained experiences. We will through that create a comparison between current and specified value and therefore be able to detect divergences and hence counteract them.

As a one-man business I highly value the possibility to resort to Mag. Melchert-Strohmaiers managerial know how when I need it. Because she is listed as an expert at the WKO I can even get her consulting externally funded. “

Kontact: 1190 Wien,

Hermann Schmidt GmbH

CEO Mag.Thomas Fally:

„After analyzing the quality of the given information data we were given a personalized key data system matched to our companies needs as well as guidelines.

Now we have a readily available significant information instrument to adjust the current development according to our goals. “

Kontact: 2230 Gänserndorf,